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about us is a online marketplace for Trinidad and Tobago. Our aim is to provide users with an easy-to-use, localized service that covers all buying and selling needs. Products, vehicles, furniture, electronics, clothing, etc. – it’s all here. We invest a great deal of time and effort in monitoring and filtering the content posted to Listit-tt so users can be confident that they'll find only quality, relevant listings. The goal at Listit-tt is to make it as easy as possible to buy or sell anything.

We offer two types of Subscription:

Free: This option is for individuals wanting to post a limited amount of products it Features: Limited Products up to five (5) No Store branding etc. Find out more by clicking sell on listit-tt to view memberships

Business: $100 TTD/Monthly, paid in advance. This option is for the Entrepreneur/Business/Company it Features: Unlimited Products and Store branding, products arranged in a store with a logo and banner with personal store search bar, customizable shipping for vendors lets you take control of cost/location/attributes, Customized vanity URL that can be shared or listed as your website so customers can go directly to you without navigating through, Super Store features and sale reports ledger books etc. Find out more by clicking sell on listit-tt to view memberships

We at spared no expense in making it easy for Trinidad and Tobago to operate on an eCommerce platform, with the integration of the widely used localized payment portal, WiPay. Utilizing the Wipay system, store owners can now sell online and receive payments through wipay's invoicing system. Dont have a wipay account we also have a cash on delivery option during checkout process.

Business Membership


Unlimited Products

Special Features

Have your very own online store on

Become a vendor and set up your online store. Your products will be place in your store's home page (illustrated below), you can also give
identity to your store by customizing banners, logos store's policies and much more. Becoming a Listit-tt seller also gives you a "Vanity URL",
it's a direct link to your store, your own web address, which can be used on social media and other platforms to advertise, and let customers go
directly to your store without navigation through

Example Vanity URL:

Store Management

Manage your store with listit-tt Store Manager Dashboard
From here you can add products, check on orders, add sale discounts, and add coupons, check analytics, customize your store and much
more. The store manager dash is your very own point of sales system, it can track your sales, notify you when stocks are running low and
manager orders with just a click. Listit-tt Store manager dashboard also lets you setup staff members and assign roles with full control using the
capabilities settings for store owners.
The store manager dashboard also keeps you abreast with all the latest news on, with notification and messaging system.
From the dash you can also manage payments, listit-tt has the edge when come to payments you can setup your store to handle cash (Cash
on Deliviery) or cashless (Credit cards) with the integration of WiPay find out more on about the invoicing system.

Example: Store Manager Dashboard 

Moving Trinidad and Tobago forward, through the use of, a multi-vendor marketplace, that is well built and meticulously planned out since 2010, we embark on this journey together.

Have it, List it, Sell it.