UDLVR Limited is a local logistics and shipping services provider. Our organization is based in Arouca (east Trinidad), and we aim to serve
customers across Trinidad and Tobago. We offer the courier services which facilitates the shipping of goods to clients within Trinidad, Tobago
and inter-isle. This service is focused on meeting the needs of clients that shop online, stores that would like to facilitate online shopping and
having goods delivered to their clients and or individuals/organisations that would like to move items (documents, packages, and other
miscellaneous items) from point A to point B.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a suite of premium services that solves all the shipping and logistics needs of our clients be in
locally, regionally and internationally.
Our Vision
Our vision is to revolutionize the shipping and logistics experience in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider region by being the service provider
of choice within our industry.
UDLVR Limited facilitates both pickup and delivery of items on behalf of both individuals and business. Our pickup and delivery service from
point A to point B based on the following process:
➢ Merchant or individual request and item be picked up for delivery to a third party though our online booking portal.
➢ Upon receiving a booking, a UDLVR Driver would be dispatched within 24hrs to facilitate the pickup of items. All items are required
to be properly labels with the following key items clearly visible on the front of each package:
o Recipient Name
o Recipient Address
o Recipient Contact #
o Cash on Delivery Amount (This only applies to COD packages)
o Special Instructions
➢ Deliveries would be completed within 24-48 hrs. of pickup. Upon delivery completion our online platform would be updated to
reflect this. You can check the platform to determine if your order was delivered. This provides transparency and updates to you
to smoothly manage your deliveries

UDLVR Limited facilitates the acceptance of cash payments on behalf of our clients. The collection of cash payments is guided by
➢ UDLVR Limited is furnished with your Business Address and Banking Information:
o Bankers Name
o Bankers Address
o Name on Account
o Account Number
o Transit # and/or any other relevant banking information
➢ For Cash on Delivery transaction, cash deposits would be done to your provided bank account every Tuesday reflecting collected
cash for the previous week’s deliveries. That is:
-For monies collected between Monday Dec 7 to Saturday Dec 12, 2020 – deposit on Tuesday Dec 15, 2020
deposits would be done via Fast Deposits. If your banker does not facilitate fast deposit an ACH transfer would
be done. Cash on delivery transactions has a weekly transaction fee of $20.
UDLVR Limited would furnish you with an email notification of breakdown sheet of transactions processed during period and
amount deposited to your account.
➢ Cash deposits would be done to your provided bank account every Tuesday reflecting collected cash for the previous week’s
deliveries. That is:
-Monday Dec 7 to Saturday Dec 12, 2020 – deposit on Tuesday Dec 15, 2020
➢ UDLVR Limited will not be held liable for any delays in the COD payments due to banking processes that are beyond our
➢ COD payments are limited to a maximum of $5000 TTD per delivery per day. UDLVR Limited would provide you with written
notice at least forty-eight (48) in advance to effect of changes to this policy. UDLVR Limited will not be held liable for any
dishonest/ fraudulent acts committed by any Consignee or third Party.
➢ You agree to notify UDLVR Limited via electronic mail or written letter, of any shortage with COD payments within (10) ten
days of the reconciliation sheet being sent by UDLVR Limited. Subsequent to this period, you agree not to hold UDLVR liable
for any COD shortage

➢ In instances where there are shortages in COD payments UDLVR Limited will investigate the query and if the query is resolved
in your favour, we will reimburse the outstanding amount as part of your next deposit. In the case of an overage, the excess
amount would be deducted from your next deposit.
➢ Should any shortage arise out of an error on your part whilst booking your deliveries, UDLVR Limited will only be responsible
for the amounts that were requested and will not be held liable in any form or manner for shortages resulting from
negligence on your behalf.
➢ UDLVR Limited will not be held liable for any fees that your financial institution may charge you for deposits made on your
behalf and as such will not compensate for charges incurred due to COD payments.

Rates and Fees

Service Standard <50 per month <100 per month <150 per month Details Turn arround time
Regular $40.00 $37.50 $35.00 $30.00 Deliveries with in Trinidad or within Tobago 24-48 hrs
inter-isle $60.00 $55.00 $50.00 $50.00 Service from Trinidad to Tobago and vice versa 3-5 business days
Rush Delivery $60.00 $55.00 $50.00 $50.00 Pickup and immediate delivery to receiving party 2-4 hrs

For cash on delivery transactions, we currently accept payment via cash only.
UDLVR acting an as agent of your organization would maintain service delivery standards in line with your business operations as long as it
does not violate the laws of Trinidad and Tobago and does not bring harm to the UDLVR Limited brand. UDLVR Limited commits to the
provisions of safe, reliable, and consistent services across Trinidad and Tobago. To ensure that all our Merchants/Clients are adequately
served our business operations are guided by the following:
➢ All packages would be delivered to recipient within timelines outline above unless otherwise agreed upon by all parties involved,
i.e., Shipper, Recipient and UDLVR Limited.

➢ Cash transaction exceeding an upper limited of Five Thousand Dollars (TTD5000.00) per single transaction would need to be
approved by UDLVR Limited management prior to booking of request.
➢ After three (3) delivery attempts packages would be returned to the shipper with no charge by UDLVR Limited.
➢ For packages that are delivered to a third party and is rejected by said party upon arrival of the Courier, this would be considered
as a completed transaction by UDLVR Limited and shipping party would be responsible for settling relevant delivery fees.
➢ UDLVR Limited is to be provided with contact information for Shipper or assigned agent that can be used for resolving customer
queries on the spot. If Courier is unable to get onto assigned individual query would be resolved by either of the following:
o Package would be returned to the shipper with delivery fee becoming due from shipper.
o Package would be delivered to the customer based on the discretion of the UDLVR Limited team and historical methods
utilised in resolving similar queries.

➢ The items listed are forbidden from delivery as guided by Trinidad and Tobago Customs Act 78:01.
o Narcotics, anesthetic, psychotropic and poisonous substances, weapons, explosives, inflammable and other
hazardous substances and items.
o Items and substances which because of their nature or packaging are dangerous to the life and health of UDLVR
Limited personnel or other persons, or may endanger, contaminate, soil or damage other packages or property.
o Live animals, religious materials of forbidden or not registered in the country, movable cultural monuments, which
do not have issued license or certificate
o Insertion of money, valuables, coins, banknotes, monetary signs, travel cheques, objects which are precious for
the sender, platinum, gold, silver, polished or unpolished precious stones and/or other precious item.
➢ UDLVR Limited reserves the right to refuse any package, which does not comply with these requirements.

➢ Enforcement of any dispute relating to these Terms will be governed by the laws of the Republic of Trinidad
and Tobago. For parties residing outside Trinidad and Tobago, any dispute arising here under shall be

submitted to confidential binding arbitration, except that to the extent customer has in any manner violated or
threatened to violate UDLVR Limited intellectual property rights,
➢ The parties each agree that any dispute resolution proceedings will be conducted only on an individual basis
and not in a class, consolidated or representative action. If for any reason a claim is initiated in court rather
than in arbitration, we each waive any right to a jury trial.
➢ Our failure to enforce any right or provision in these Terms will not constitute a waiver of such right or
provision unless acknowledged and agreed to by us in writing. In the event that a court of competent
jurisdiction finds any provision of these Terms to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, the remaining provisions
will remain in full force and effect.
➢ The terms and conditions which by their nature are intended to survive termination of these Terms shall
survive, including Restricted Areas, Site Disclaimer of Warranties, and Limitation of Liability.
If you have any questions or concerns about our Services or these Terms, you may contact us at admin@udlvr.com